Monday, 8 September 2008

ALIA Dreaming08 TV Episode 4

A vendor perspective on ALIA Dreaming08, from Jeroen Prinsen of Thomson Reuters

ALIA Dreaming08 TV Episode 3

Kathryn Cass of City of Botany Bay Library Service discusses her experience of ALIA Dreaming08.....

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Dreaming08 TV Episode 2

Helen Kwaka, from Tea Tree Gully Library Services, talks about her involvement with Dreaming08......

Dreaming08 TV Episode 1

Helen Livingston, Director of Library Services at the University of South Australia, talks about the value of the conference experience.

The road to Dreaming 08

Lecturers Damian Lodge, Bob Pymm and Jake Wallis went on the road to make the long drive to Alice Springs for the ALIA 08 bi-annual conference at which they will be presenting a paper entitled Library education 2.0: shaping the librarian of the future.

Jake Wallis presents the rationale for the trip: