Sunday, 6 May 2007

Congratulations, Dr Fan!

Qiuyan Fan PhD Originally uploaded by CSU Information Studies.

The School of Information Studies’ graduation ceremony on 20 April was notable for the conferring of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy on Qiuyan Fan (pictured above between supervisors Professor Ross Harvey and Dr Kirsty Williamson).

Qiuyan’s topic was ‘Internet access and Government policy: the case of Australia’. Her research looked at how Australian federal government policy on telecommunications influences internet access in Australia. Its findings provide insights into the regulatory outcome and the effectiveness of national approaches, which are helpful to inform and improve current practice in Australia. It also has implications for other countries. Qiuyan’s research is of course particularly relevant to libraries, who increasingly deliver services via the internet.

Qiuyan is now a Lecturer and Course Advisor for Bachelor of Business (E-business) at the University of Western Sydney.