Friday, 13 July 2007

Libraries in the Digital Age

Dr Bob Pymm, working hard preparing his conference paper (uploaded by CSU Information Studies).

LIDA (Libraries in the Digital Age) is an international conference, held annually, that this year (in Dubrovnik, Croatia May 28 – June 2 2007) focused on two themes – users and digital libraries, and the economics of digital libraries. The conference was organized by the JJ Strossmayer University in Osijek, Croatia and Rutgers University New York. Papers covered a wide range of topics associated with the conference theme, including one from our very own Bob Pymm, on e-book use in public libraries. The presentations from the conference are available online.

Around 150 people attended – evenly split between those from eastern Europe and those from the west with a large contingent from the US. These included some surprisingly high powered names including Christine Borgman (Dean of UCLA Library School), her predecessor and now emeritus professor Bob Hayes; Karen Fisher (University of Washington, Seattle) – one of the authors of Theories of Information Behavior and Peiling Wang from the University of Tennessee, award winning author in the information behavior field.