Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Damian and Bob @ ALIA Lib Techs 2007

Damian and Bob @ ALIA Lib Techs 2007 Originally uploaded by CSU Information Studies.

Damian Lodge and Bob Pymm (pictured here looking a little nervous before giving their paper) attended the ALIA Library and Information Technician's Conference held in Melbourne in October. The Conference attracted around 400 people and was a mix of good, interesting and often practical papers; some great visits and a hectic social whirl. Photos from the Conference dinner, held at the Melbourne Aquarium have had to be held back due to their potential for embarassment!

Anne Lloyd, also from the School of Information Studies at CSU, also attended and gave the keynote address on the last day and, considering it was the Friday morning after the dinner, did a great job at keeping people awake with her story of welders in the TAFE library and her subsequent 'research' with firemen!