Monday, 27 October 2008

Celebrating school libraries around the world

School libraries around the world are celebrating International School Library Month (ISLM) during October, and on Monday 27th October, Australian teacher librarians will use the day to highlight the important role of school libraries.

"This year´s theme is `Literacy and learning at your school library´ and school libraries around the country will be celebrating", announced Rob Moore, President of the Australian School Library Association (ASLA).

"Teacher librarians play a vital role in students´ literacy and learning", said Mr Moore. "Through their comprehensive understanding of literacy, literature and how to promote and foster reading, they are able to help students develop a deep understanding across the curriculum. This transcends basic literacy in the traditional sense, extending into the growth of students´ cultural capital which forms the foundation of lifelong learning."

"The teacher librarian´s understanding of both broad curriculum and programs specific to their school underlies their value and importance to teachers and students alike", he said.

"The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) joins with ASLA in recognising the significant contribution that teacher librarians and staff in school libraries make to the life and learning of school children in this country and helping to develop a smart nation of information literate students", ALIA President, Derek Whitehead commented.

Stephen Krashen, a linguist and researcher from the University of Southern California, said at a recent conference: "The availability of quality reading material in school libraries coupled with read-alouds and conferencing leads to better reading and learning (and writing, spelling, vocabulary and
grammar) and that more access to books results in more reading".

Australian teacher librarians, teachers and students are celebrating ISLM through a variety of activities and events. Schools around the globe exchange bookmarks and information about their school community in an international spirit of collegiality, information sharing and co-operation.

Others celebrate the excellence and commitment of their profession through awards programs, special presentation events and conference programs.
Literacy and reading are promoted in harmony with websites, blogs and Internet based activities.

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