Thursday, 18 June 2009

Libraries in the Digital Age Conference

Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) May 25-30, 2009. Dubrovnik and Zadar, Croatia.
The University of Zadar

This annual conference, now in its tenth year, provides a good mix of papers presented in a beautiful environment. It is co-hosted by the University of Zadar and Rutgers University, New Jersey. This approach enables a wide range of speakers and topics including big names from the US – this year the invited speakers were Marcia Bates and Michael Buckland, together with Peter Ingwersen from Denmark. The conference attracts around 200 participants and runs for a week, starting and ending with workshops covering a range of topics including working with Dublin core tools and an introduction to the Digital Library Reference Model. The first two days were held in Dubrovnik, a jewel of a city and this year, extremely warm. The organisers then moved everyone to the University itself in Zadar – another Croatian town set on the water’s edge. Again, a beautiful setting with the University in a prime location and chandeliers in the lecture theatres!

Presentations were wide ranging and included CSU lecturer Bob Pymm’s paper on archiving television in the digital age.

Bob on the balcony of the lecture theatre