Thursday, 22 October 2009

Study visit to Sydney 13th to 16th October 2009

A group of 45 students from the masters degrees in library and information management, information studies and teacher librarianship, and the undergraduate degrees in library and information management and information studies, visited a range of libraries in Sydney from 13-16 October. The group were guided by SIS staff James Herring, Kim Thompson and Roy Crotty. The students all visited the Ultimo TAFE library on Tuesday morning and the University of Technology Sydney library on Friday morning. In between, students had a choice each morning and afternoon of 3 different libraries, including public libraries, a medical library, the state records, the parliamentary library and other special libraries.

The photos below show a group of students at the Australian Research Museum library a) under a spectacular peacock and b) next to a very tall but remarkably well behaved ostrich. The library has a notice saying that animals such as this would not be exhibited in today’s more enlightened times.

The Sydney Royal Botanic Garden Library visitors were shown a remarkable rare books collection and learned about how a small special library survives by working extensively with volunteers.

On the Friday morning, in the debrief session at UTS, students were given an outline of what ALIA can do for them as information professionals by Nikki Kallenberger.

At the debriefing, students were asked to reflect on the value of the visits to the various libraries and students noted the enthusiasm of the librarians they had met, especially those working under severe financial restrictions. Students also saw the study visit as an excellent opportunity to meet both the staff (James, Kim and Roy) as well as other students on their own course but also on other courses. The studetns were full of praise for the organisation of study visit, including all the preparatory work done by Carol Morton, the professional experience officer. Students were split into groups to discuss their findings.

At the close of this very successful study visit, Nikki Kallenberger kindly took a group photo of SIS staff and students.